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Appointment required   


Call or Text prefer : 408-318-4351 

Business Hours: Tue - Sat  10am-7pm



Many clients tend to be curious about what the "M" in M2U stands for. Similar to how people have diverse taste in music such as pop, jazz, or classical; or in art such as Renaissance, Baroque, or Modern art...Everyone has different taste, including in the world of Cosmetology.


Since 2012, I have built a career in this world. Throughout my time here, one thing I've heard constantly was, "Your treatment is like a Miracle." This is because my clients become excited at how their appearances improve drastically, all without modifying who they are as individuals.


Even with my business operating out of my home, the level of care you'll receive is unparalleled; not only in terms of the results of beauty, but also the level of affordability. With that, I hope you decide to experience the Miracle of M2U for yourself, and book an appointment!

 Late policy: Please call, if possible. Sessions start and end at the agreed time, and you are urged to be at my salon on time to receive your full hour of work. Arriving late will reduce your time in the session, but will not alter the fee.

Cancellations: Session time is valuable – yours and mine. I bill in full for missed appointments or canceling/rescheduling with less than a 24 hour notice. Likewise, if I cancel/reschedule with less than a 24 hour notice, you will receive the next session at no charge.

Illness is unavoidable. If you are ill, please call to discuss the advisability of receiving a massage. I also will call to reschedule in the case of illness on my part. In the case of notice of illness with less than a 24 hour notice or the case of emergencies, please call to inform me. I reserve the right to make a determination as to the appropriate action.

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